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10-16-2017 - FIRE UPDATE - The community we serve, Mendocino County, has suffered deeply from the fires currently burning in the eastern county. Although we are an organization that exists to respond to people surviving domestic violence and sexual assault trauma, we are currently assessing if or how we can be of assistance to trauma survivors outside of our mandate. In the meantime we offer the following self-help links as an aid to help process any anxious feelings you may be experiencing due to this natural disaster.

Recovering emotionally from disaster

The trauma that arises from natural disaster

Surviving the Survival: Coping with the effets of natural disasters. 

What is survivor guilt and how to cope with it. 

Six self help skills for coping with PTSD 

Coping with grief and loss following a natural disaster

How to help a loved one after a natural disaster

Info for employers whose staff may be experiencing disaster related stress

A special note to those who lost a family member or friend in the fire.

The immediate reaction to the death of a loved one is numbness and shock, especially if it is a sudden loss like what has happened here in Mendocino County. This is a natural reaction by the body to allow a person to cope with the devastating news particularly if the death is sudden or unexpected. Embrace it and let it flow through you. You may also feel a sense of disbelief. People often find it impossible to accept that a person has died and will find they question the situation over and over again as their mind battles with the reality of death. At the same time, you may feel physically crushed almost as if you have suffered a body blow. All of these feelings are normal. It is also very normal to cry a lot and feel unable to cope. This feeling of debilitation may be compounded by lack of sleep resulting in a cycle of ongoing exhaustion. A period of intense emotion follows the death of a loved one. This often takes the form of a deep yearning to see them, to talk to them and to keep their memory alive. It is not uncommon at this stage to have visual and auditory hallucinations. Difficulties with concentration and decision making are also very common. There is a lot of info on the internet about all the stages of grief, but right now for many they are in this first stage. Deep, cleansing breaths to get centered. Let the tears flow. Hug someone or some thing. If your comfortable, talk. There is so much power and strength to be drawn from just talking about your feelings, whether it be with a friend, a relative, or a counselor.  

Our hearts are with you and we are focusing our thoughts on your peace

Si tiene algún trauma debido a los incendios recientes, aquí hay algunos recursos que pueden ayudarlo a usted y a su familia.


Sobrellevar una situación de desastre

¿Qué es el TEPT?


Project Sanctuary has been providing services in Mendocino County for over three decades. What began as a women's only domestic violence shelter many years ago, has evolved into a fully comprehensive domestic violence and sexual assault crisis response center serving all gendors and sexual orientations. We have male and female counselors, so if you have a preference, please don't hesitate to ask.   

The mission of Project Sanctuary is to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault in Mendocino County through advocacy, crisis response, community collaboration, education, and shelter. 

La misión de Project Sanctuary es prevenir la violencia doméstica y las agresiones sexuales en el condado de Mendocino a través de la defensa, respuesta a crisis, colaboración comunitaria, educación y refugio. 


Para obtener información general sobre violencia doméstica y abuso sexual, haga clic en el botón en la parte superior derecha de esta página.

If you are in immediate danger call 9-11

If you need to speak with a crisis counselor call

(707) 463-HELP  for the Inland area

(707) 964-HELP for the Coast area

Si está en peligro inmediato llame al 9-11

Si necesita hablar con un consejero de crisis, llame al

(707) 463-4357 Para el área interior del condado de Mendocino

(707) 964-4357 Para la zona costera del condado de mendocino


Thinking of buying or selling a home? The Nicoll Pallini Group in Ukiah has pledged a portion of their proceeds, up to $20,000, to Project Sanctuary! More info here and here.  Thanks so much to realtor Drew Nicoll, and Carissa Adams and his other wonderful staff!


We have expanded ours services to include serving the South Coast and the Northern Inland County area.  

On the South Coast, you can find Project Sanctuary at the RCMS Dental Clinic in Point Arena at 175 Main St, (707) 882-3457 

In the northern inland county area, we are at the Long Valley Health Center at 50 Branscomb Rd in Laytonville, (707) 984-6131, ext 144

¡Tenemos servicios en español en Point Arena 707 882-3457. Laytonville - 707 984-6131 ext 144. 

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