About Project Sanctuary

What began as a grassroots, stand alone domestic violence shelter in inland Mendocino County in 1977 has expanded to become Project Sanctuary, a full service domestic violence and sexual assault crisis intervention responder available to the entire county.

Walk-in and scheduled counseling is availalable in Ukiah and Fort Bragg, with scheduled counseling in Willits, Booneville, and Point Arena.

Other services include:

  • Legal advocacy for survivors seeking restraining orders
  • Accompaniment and advocacy for sexual assault victims who are experiencing an evidence collection exam at the ER
  • Transitional housing
  • 24/7 crisis line
  • Support groups
  • Prevention education
  • Safe and confidential emergency shelter

Inland Mendocino County

The inland program serves the entire interior region of Mendocino County, east of Booneville.

The Inland Project Sanctuary counseling center is open M-F, 8:30 - 4:30 and is located in Ukiah at 564 S Dora St, Suite A-1.

We also have services available in Willits at the Willits Integrated Services Center (NCO Building), 427 E. Valley St., Willits, CA 95454 - Phone: (707) 472-7190. 

Reach our Ukiah center by phone: (707) 462-9196

Ukiah fax: (707) 462-5869 

Coastal Mendocino County

The Project Sanctuary counseling center on the coast is located in Fort Bragg and serves the entire coastal Mendocino County area.

The Fort Bragg Project Sanctuary counseling center is open M-F, 8:30 - 4:30 and is located in Fort Bragg at 461 N. Franklin St.

Reach our Fort Bragg center by phone: (707) 961-1507

Fort Bragg fax: (707) 961-1539