The Red Flags of A Potential Domestic Violence Abuser

  • Your partner comes on as a real charmer and loves you instantly
  • Your partner has problems with authority figures
  • Your partner embarrasses you in the presence of others
  • Your partner is nasty on the road – feels other drivers are competing with him or her
  • Your partner wants your undivided attention at all times
  • You feel controlled because your partner must always be “in charge”
  • Your partner has a dual personality – sometimes adult, other times childish
  • Your partner is very competitive and must always win
  • Your partners promises and apologies are meaningless
  • Your partner displays jealousy toward close friends and family members
  • Your partner can’t tolerate criticism and is always defending him or herself and trying to justify unacceptable behavior
  • Your partner has extreme highs and lows – both unpredictable
  • Your partner is rough at times – love pats become more and more painful. Suddenly, you realize he or she is a serious abuser, and your are a victim.

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